Evolving Patient Centred Practice Software for Holistic Therapists & Practitioners

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£68.........How come the software is so cheap?

the simple answer is because we use a limited marketing budget and you have to learn to use it yourself, or at least can; there are 'how do I'? Help pages" , Quickstart tutorials, FAQ's, a forum and video tutorials, as well as the inbuilt Help, all available to assist you.

The reality is that most folks need some training to get the most from the program and so with an hour or 2 of training , you can really get up and running. If you have a computer and Skype (free) then we can teleconference a training session for as little as £12.

We provide custom solutions, based on our software, which if the changes are within a few hours work, we can provide, at under a £100 along with a Skype training session.

email us with your requirements, and remember you can try out the software yourself for free .......download here



New V9 Release ***March 28 2009******

28/03/2009........V9......with drag/drop installation (on mac) and a new treatment and project planning area

diff diagnosis & prognosis now have value lists, making them amenable to multiple incremental entry

added printable patient report snapshot
western & chinese astrology / 5 element profile


introduced western & chinese Astrology section
text to speech button for mac


introduced Feng Shui section
latest fixes include
acupuncture pulses now input in order
online/offline help option
fixes to booking, system

this release adds blockbooking to the Calendar & Schedules, so as well as being able to book individual time slots within a day for any number of personnel or rooms, we can now block book daily slots, again for any number of rooms, units, courses or properties. It also resolves several issues with Intel macs where page help path wasn't previously being verified




New!! If you have a computer and Skype (free) then we can teleconference a training session for as little as £12. email us




New video tutorials here




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