our feature list is extensive and includes:

multi - platform - mac and PC Windows

support for single/multiple practice situations & multi discipline practices
with a multiple accounting environment able to cater for all income/stock and purchases as well as expense accounting -- all with summary reports available - detail on demand

multi - user security (different levels of access if required ie. for reception)

the ability to import /export to and from the major formats

Style - we have attemped to make this program different , and accessible and functionally customisable (auto backup)

Treatments, Medicines and Supplements can be swiftly added and there
is an x-ray, picture and film and document area page, which can take
dictated notes!!!

separate but linked contact-database; distinct from main database
ability to integrate skype/phone/email

stationary & marketing areas with example letters and contracts - with editing of letterheads and the ability to bulkmail - mass email or mass snailmail

laboratory tests online directly from within the program from your favourite labs

diet diary comparison, and nutrition and supplement areas , linked to stock and printing of instructions and dosage. the ability to order online directly from within the program from your favourite suppliers.

homeopathic and herbal specific areas able to automate remedy dosages and linked to stock and printing of instructions and dosage. the ability to order online directly from within the program from your favourite suppliers.

the ability to compare and contrast pulse histories and five element analysis for AK practitioners and Acupuncturists

GP and local therapist areas where you can exchange info about a patient from within the program with direct printing for letters or via email.

CPD and legal report time management and web browser built in to view and amend research areas

web browser built in - so that Help files are always up to date. Page Help on every page. Titles that have
mouseover tooltips. and QuickStart manuals help you get to grips with the program quickly.

Calendar and Booking system that supports single/multiple practice situations & multi discipline practices

latest release (28/3/2009) CrystalSolutions V9 has a new treatment and project planning area and adds blockbooking to the Calendar & Schedules, so as well as being able to book individual time slots within a day for any number of personnel or rooms, we can now block book daily slots, again for any number of rooms, units, courses or properties. It also resolves several issues with Intel macs where page help path wasn't previously being verified

There is now a Western & Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui section which interlinks with the Five Elements to give a quick patient profile.

Differential diagnosis & prognosis now have value lists, making them amenable to multiple incremental entry and the mac version has a text to speak option.

the ability to audit patients by differing symptoms and conditions,by treatments, age, sex ,location and many more fields/criteria, or a blend of criteria - ie the software can be used for research or dissertations and when linked with the bulkmail (email or post) enables easy setting up of questionnnaires for students and post grad study

this is further helped by the statistics section that can analyse results

most fields are editable with drop down lists to make data quick to enter and many fields have predictive text, again making data entry easy

low price of £68 which includes 3 month email support and free updates

(optional 1 year support extensions of only £30)

free use of fully working software / shareware - "try before you buy"

electronic download and product registration

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